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    適用范圍 Applications

    • 起重機,造船設備,煉鋼、煉鐵設備、工業設備、軋鋼設備、工程機械、特別適合用于高負載的裝備上

    • Crane, heavy industry, iron and steel mill facility, plant facility, cold stripping and rolling facility, machining center and most of industrial applications.

    特點 Features

    • 鏈板處裝有滑片,延長了拖鏈的使用壽命,磨損時只需要更換滑片即可
    • 使用滑片可以減小噪音,在拖鏈運行時節約動力
    • 為了防止拖鏈運行時鏈板脫落從而采用了獨特的連接方式
    • 鏈板采用輕量化設計,從而減輕了機器的負荷
    • 為了防止拖鏈發生下垂等現象,鏈板上設有1mm的防下垂裝置

    • Skate enable longer operation life and worn skates can be replaced conveniently.
    • Skates provide better operation with lower power and less noise.
    • Skates are exchangeable and give longer operation life.
    • To solce a problem of the gap between link plates, we install braces in a specific part preventing them from being bent.
    • Removing unnecessary parts of link plate lightens its weight up to 20%.
    • Improving sustainability and having plate curved by 1mm prevent it from being crooked, sagged due to the weight of cables and hoses.

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